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Installation Process

times   2015-04-29

1. The surveillance camera with a wire, the rated voltage should be greater than the operating voltage of the line; insulated wire line should meet the installation and laying of environmental conditions. Conductor cross-section should be able to meet the power and mechanical strength requirements.
2. Wiring should try to avoid the wires have joints. In addition to non-use connectors not of the cameras in their joints must be pressure line or welding Wire connections and branch office should not be the role of mechanical force. Wear in the tube leads, in any case can not have joints, if necessary, place the connector on the junction box as much as possible the probe terminals.
3. Wiring installed in the building to maintain a horizontal or vertical. Wiring should be added to protect the casing (plastic or iron pipe, according to the technical requirements of interior piping optional), available ceiling trace metal hose, but need a fixed and secure appearance.
4.The signal line can not be parallel to the high power line, but can not wear in the same tube. As a result of environmental constraints, to parallel lines, will have far more than 50cm.
5. The alarm control box should be a separate AC power cabling, cameras can not signal line and low voltage DC power cord to wear in the same tube, install the AC power cord should meet the electrical installation standard.
6. The alarm control box to the ceiling of the alignment requirements management into the wall or jacketed with iron pipes to be protected in order to improve the performance of anti-sabotage security system.
7. Line tube wiring Ariake feature and dark with two kinds. Camera Ming smooth vertical and horizontal piping requirements, neat appearance.

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